As cyclists we can tend to think of yoga as merely a counterbalance to all that time spent in the saddle, and don’t get me wrong, it certainly is, but it can be so much more.

Yoga is the connection between our breath and movement.

So in terms of racing and training, when we unlock better control of heart rates, better range of movement through flexibility and better recovery post each session, we are adding the finishing touches to our training regimes and developing crucial positive habits which extend far beyond
the more obvious aspects which we see as mandatory for cycling success.

Yoga is also about lifestyle, practice and discipline. It aligns so beautifully with an athlete’s inherent approach to life but can serve to open new doors that compliment this thinking.

Diet, focus, serenity and balance merely three avenues we tend to neglect, yoga can assist.

Yoga Cyclists are collectively a mix of athletes who see yoga as intrinsically connected to assisting them achieve their own ambitions and goals.

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