You’ve done it!

You’ve hit the ‘GO’ button and have started a journey that is entirely rewarding and beneficial.

The beauty of Yoga practice is that it will always deliver what you intend. And sometimes starting the journey is the hardest part so well done!

Yoga can conjure up a lot of notions which are not truly representative of the beauty and simplicity which lies at the heart of the practice and this can put many people off. I’d like to reassure you of a few points.

This is for you, no one else, relax and let go
Frustrations, they are human but don’t feel you need to prove anything, practice is key, perfection is not
Flexibility, this was never a prerequisite in practicing yoga, we work to what our own bodies will allow, then we progress

Our beginner classes will start with some warming up of the body and awareness to help you focus on where you are and what we will be doing.

We will move through some of the core asanas (poses) that form the building blocks to some truly challenging variations, but for now we work on understanding the asanas and ironing out body positions.

Eventually you will get to experience a more focussed session on pranyama (breathing) exercises. These breathing exercises truly increase awareness and lead us comfortably into the relaxation.

Savasana is the practice of relaxing one body part at a time, one muscle at a time and one thought at a time. There to maintain balance between relaxation and meditation. With our bodies relaxed we employ visualisation to scan the body for tension and consciously release it.

I can assure you after all that release of energy during the class Savasana will leave you feeling calmer, centred and most importantly, relaxed!

See you on the mat.

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