Tanya Peers Koru Yoga Works

The start

My start and love of yoga came when yoga was not well known in South Africa nor recognised under the oppressive government of the time.

This was a significant hinderance to gurus and teachers who were trying to reveal a positive way of life through the practice of meditation, postures and sanskrit teachings. Although not directly persecuted, anything that didn’t fall in line with the states version of utopia was viewed with grave suspicion and derision.

Yoga was viewed as irrelevant and subversive so teachings would happen predominantly in neighbouring states. Winnie Young was one such teacher who would bring these teachings back into South Africa to her students and eventually set up The Youngs Yoga Institute to help aspiring yogi teachers and students.

My path to teaching wouldn’t be complete without appreciating the huge commitment and contribution Winnie dedicated to this beautiful lifestyle!

Jeanette Mayhew

Jeanette was one such graduate from The Youngs Yoga Institute who was already a family friend and mentor to me growing up.

I’ll never forget my first class with Jeanette, she gracefully folded herself into poses and postures with such ease and confidence I was immediately struck by how different this was to any of the aerobics and gym classes that were all the rage during that time, how did she do this?

Much learning followed! I became enthralled with an environment free of competition and ego, a practice that was teaching me how to take some time for myself and work not only my body but my mind too, a place of calm yet personal challenge and progression.

The Journey to teaching

The more I practiced the more I wanted to learn. I became immersed in a community of like minded individuals, each on our own path but supporting each others journey and opening new doors all the time.

From breathing exercises to meditation, retreats to endless reading, I was simply soaking up this world of personal progression to the point I needed to teach, this was so obviously my path!

Teaching through both my pregnancies I eventually received my YYI teachers badge in 2003 and given the rather extensive knowledge on the subject by that stage, immediately offered my own classes for pregnancy yoga!

From there I delivered numerous years of classes and workshops which to this day continue challenge and reward me.


I can honestly say, my absolute love without a doubt, is teaching beginners and intermediate students!

Watching a yogi unfold and grow into their postures from stiffness or from being too scared to try a head balance, to confidence, strength and suppleness is immensely rewarding.

As a teacher, knowing that a student can leave to attend any other form of yoga with the correct foundation and strength is important to me. The wisdom and knowledge you will gain helps you decide your own path.

My classes

No ego, no attachment to the glory of the postures is what I believe makes a wonderful class!

My class programme will sometimes flow from one pose into another, other classes  concentrate more on a pose and it’s benefits.

All in all I try to incorporate asanas, breathing and relaxation to offer a student their own time to enjoy a good overall workout.

I hope my students feel the experience I once felt when I started with yoga, the gift of “being present”!

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